Supporting First-Generation College Students

Supporting First-Generation College Students

Dr. Adrienne O'Neill's scholarship fund reflects her commitment to lifelong learning by providing financial support for first-generation college students in Stark County with financial need.

Adrienne O'Neill Scholarship Fund
Est. 2015 / Scholarship Fund

In honor of Dr. Adrienne O’Neill’s retirement, the Timken Foundation of Canton established a scholarship fund to recognize her years of exemplary service as an educational leader in Stark County. Reflecting Adrienne’s commitment to lifelong learning, the fund awards scholarships annually to first-generation college students in Stark County with financial need.

The fund has provided scholarship assistance to 55 first-generation college students since it was created in 2015, including Carmyn Warren who received support in 2023. Carmyn’s journey is a testament to the value her mother placed on education and academic excellence. Her mother's relentless encouragement and dedication paid off when Carmyn graduated from GlenOak High School last year with a 3.9 grade point average. Today, with assistance from the Adrienne O'Neill Scholarship Fund, Carmyn is pursuing a degree in computer engineering at Hampton University in Virginia and furthering her interests in robotics, coding and building and designing computers.

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