Providing an Educational Experience for Lake Families

Providing an Educational Experience for Lake Families

The Lake Academic Boosters Endowment Fund provides a steady stream of income to enrich the educational experience of current and future students of Lake Local School District.

Lake Academic Boosters Endowment Fund
Est. 2013 / Organization Endowment Fund

The Lake Academic Boosters established an endowment fund aimed at enriching the educational experience of both current and future students within the Lake Local School District. This fund plays a pivotal role in directly influencing student learning by providing essential resources such as programming, support services, equipment and other necessities crucial for maintaining excellence in Lake's education system.

In November 2023, Lake hosted a record-breaking Fall Family STEAM Night, made partly possible through the generosity of the Lake Academic Boosters Endowment Fund. Families and children of all ages had the unique opportunity to engage, learn and immerse themselves in the world of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) through 42 hands-on stations developed by dedicated teachers, enthusiastic volunteers, local nonprofits and area businesses. During the night of exploration, Lake Elementary School buzzed with excitement as participants took part in various science experiments, tackled engineering challenges suitable for all ages, embarked on creative art projects and delved into math games and puzzles. Families left the event with joyful memories of learning, thanks to the support of the Lake Academic Boosters and other community partners that made STEAM Night a successful celebration.

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