Encouraging Creativity through a New Collaborative Arts Space

Encouraging Creativity through a New Collaborative Arts Space

Because of the Wilsons' generosity, a newly renovated community arts space will be the hub of creativity for hundreds of EN-RICH-MENT students.

William K. and Lottie E. Wilson Philanthropic Fund
Est. 1988 / Community Charitable Fund

William "Bill" Wilson, who retired as Diebold's vice president of marketing and later served as the executive director of Stark Community Foundation from 1980 to 1988, left an indelible mark on the community. Known for his warmth, generosity and tireless dedication, Bill was a major force in Stark County. Following his passing in 1988, his family, friends and colleagues came together to establish a charitable fund in his honor, aimed at meeting the evolving needs of the community he devoted his life to strengthening.

Most recently, the William K. and Lotte E. Wilson Philanthropic Fund generously supported the transformation of the Ziegler Tire building, located on ArtsinStark's campus in downtown Canton, into a vibrant community arts space. This new facility will serve as the future home of Bluecoats affiliate EN-RICH-MENT, with ample space to accommodate its growing arts programs and the hundreds of students involved. The renovated facility will include music and dance rehearsal spaces, several classrooms and practice rooms, a sensory room tailored for students with autism and administrative offices. Thanks to the Wilsons' generosity, local youth will have access to a diverse array of artistic experiences, ranging from symphonic music to modern dance, ballet, painting classes and ceramics.

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