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Strenghening Stark - A Call For Economic Transformation

At the request of the Stark Civic Group, an informal group of organizational leaders from our county, Stark Community Foundation commissioned Strengthening Stark, a clear-eyed assessment of the current economic and social health of Stark County.

Released in August 2017, the report examines key issues that shape the county's vibrancy. It recommends specific actions to help reverse downward trends and transform Stark into a growing and more prosperous community.

Key findings of the report include:

Key Findings of Strengthening Stark

You can also download a one-page summary of the report.

While data is provided for each emerging issue, recommendations are also suggested for how a bold, aggressive economic plan could transform us from a county that is becoming smaller, older and relatively poorer into a larger, younger and more prosperous community. Stark County is on the verge of a transformation, and the choice is ours to determine our future.

Thank you for taking the time to read what we believe is an important document about the future of our home, Stark County. These facts inspired us to think differently about what must happen to strengthen Stark, and we hope they inspire you as well. We understand that the path to success will be challenging, but we are confident that our community will support a new, shared economic plan that will sustain the high quality of life that our community's founders first aspired to more than two centuries ago.

Everyone has a role to play in advancing economic growth and increasing access to opportunity in Stark County. By working together, we can make our community stronger and better for years to come.

Here's how you can get involved:

  • Share this report with colleagues, friends and family
  • Engage in dialogue with local residents about these important topics
  • Continue the community conversation on social media with the hashtag #StrengtheningStark
  • Host a presentation on this report and the emerging economic plan by contacting info@starkcf.org to schedule a presenter
  • Sign up to receive email updates about this community-wide effort to transform Stark

Questions? Email the Foundation staff at info@starkcf.org.

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