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Wilderness Center Revolving Conservation Fund Trust

  • EST. 2002

The Wilderness Center established this fund to assist nonprofit organizations and government agencies in acquisition of lands that will benefit the public.

F. Stuart and B.J. Wilkins Charitable Advised Fund

  • EST. 2009

The Wilkinses were both born in Canton, and called it home. Stu passed away in 2011 but B.J. continues to recommend grants from the fund to such charitable, educational, and scientific organizations that they have supported over the years. Upon her death, recommendations will be made by Fund Advisors. The fund will eventually become part of the Foundation’s Community Charitable Fund and will continue to support designated organizations.

Edward and Ruth Wilkof Philanthropic Fund

Edward and Ruth Wilkof Philanthropic Fund

  • EST. 1990

Edward Wilkof and his brother Ervin founded the Turner Quick-Lift Corporation in Canton. Mr. and Mrs. Wilkof established their Community Charitable Fund in Stark Community Foundation to aid in addressing varied community needs.

Ervin and Marie Wilkof Philanthropic Fund

Ervin and Marie Wilkof Philanthropic Fund

  • EST. 1990

Along with his brother Edward, Ervin Wilkof co-founded Turner Quick-Lift Corporation. In 1990, Mr. and Mrs. Wilkof established this Community Charitable Fund to support a variety of causes in Stark County.

Bill and Denise Williams Advised Fund

  • EST. 2012

The Bill and Denise Williams donor advised fund was established to provide funding to charitable community organizations related to the arts, educational institutions of higher learning and agencies that assist individuals with their basic daily nutritional needs.

Williams Family Blessed to be a Blessing Fund

  • EST. 2014

Tom and Kaylene Williams established this fund as a means to bless others out of the many blessings they have received from God and to encourage their children to do the same.

Margretta Bockius Wilson Fund

  • EST. 1979

Philanthropist Ralph L. Wilson established this fund as a memorial to his wife. Both Mr. and Mrs. Wilson enjoyed the visual arts, and Ralph Wilson stipulated that income from this fund is to be used to purchase artwork for the permanent collection of the Canton Museum of Art.

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