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Dr. Hiram and Angela Bazzoli Charitable Fund

Dr. Hiram and Angela Bazzoli Charitable Fund

  • EST. 1994

The donors designated the income from this fund to benefit 10 local charities.

Robert E. and Mildred A. Beck Designated Charitable Fund

  • EST. 2003

Ronald and Jane Becker Family Charitable Fund

  • EST. 2016

Ronald and Jane Becker established this fund to support a fundamental personal value: the importance and need for strong family units in order to benefit children and society in general, as well as their family’s love of dogs. Their goal is to support local organizations that will benefit abused and neglected children and families, and those that promote the care, development and protection of dogs.

Jerry and Betsy Begue Charitable Fund

  • EST. 2017

Jerry and Betsy Begue established this fund to make charitable grants in support of organizations with a variety of needs in Stark County and beyond.

Marshall B. Belden Charitable Trust

Marshall B. Belden Charitable Trust

  • EST. 1981

Philanthropist Marshall B. Belden, founder of MB Operating Company, Inc., was instrumental in the development of the Newmarket Project in downtown Canton. Donations to this trust have included real estate parcels upon which part of the redevelopment project was built. Marsh Belden died in 1995.

Robert  F. and Kathleen K. Belden Advised Charitable Fund

Robert F. and Kathleen K. Belden Advised Charitable Fund

  • EST. 2006

This fund was established so that our family can continue to support the organizations that we have had a long-term interest within Stark County and beyond.

William H. Belden Memorial Fund

William H. Belden Memorial Fund

  • EST. 1993

William H. Belden, Sr. established this fund in his will as a permanent gift to the community. Mr. Belden was a local business leader who played an active role in the family business, The Belden Brick Company, for more than 50 years. Mr. Belden was one of the original members of Stark Community Foundation Distribution Committee, serving from 1965 to 1976.

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