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City Center Masterworks Music Series - at Christ Presbyterian Church Endowment Fund

City Center Masterworks Music Series - at Christ Presbyterian Church Endowment Fund

  • EST. 2014

Christ Presbyterian Church in downtown Canton established this fund to offer an annual series of events ranging in style from the traditional to the more adventuresome sacred and secular concerts. More than a hundred patrons in the tri-county area, and several members of the church offer support each year. Artists include Stark County musicians, regional, national, and international soloists, choirs, chamber groups, and larger ensembles often featuring a large pipe organ and grand piano.

Church of Christ (Christian Disciples) Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • EST. 2001

Established by the Church of Christ (Christian Disciples), this scholarship fund will assist students who are active/participant members of the Church, have permanent residency in Carroll County, and plan to pursue further education in the fields of Christian ministry, teaching and education, or any other program or field of study approved by the Selection Committee.

Church of the Lakes Endowment Fund

Church of the Lakes Endowment Fund

  • EST. 2015

Church of the Lakes established an endowment fund to ensure its mission to be “Christ’s Light for All” will continue into perpetuity. Annual income from the fund will allow this United Methodist Church to further expand its special projects in ministries, missions and facility needs now and into the future. This fund includes the Missions Subfund.

Church of the Lakes Royal Family Kids Camp Fund

  • EST. 2020

Margaret P. Clark Fund

  • EST. 1968

Funded by a charitable bequest in the will of Margaret P. Clark, this fund provided disbursements to the YWCA in 1969 and to the YMCA in 1970 for their respective permanent endowments. The remainder of the fund continues to provide undesignated income to Stark Community Foundation.

William D. and Joan Ekedahl Clarke Charitable Fund

William D. and Joan Ekedahl Clarke Charitable Fund

  • EST. 1998

William D. Clarke was Chairman of Hilscher-Clarke Electric Co. and a long-time volunteer community leader. He and his wife Joan established this fund to recommend support for a variety of charitable interests.

Clevenger Family Charitable Fund

  • EST. 2017

Active in the community, Tom and Christine Clevenger created a donor advised fund to support causes and organizations they are passionate about. This fund will be passed down to their sons, Jon, Joshua and Samuel, to carry on their family’s passion for making a difference in the lives of others.

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