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Robert D. and Ilse I. Zengler Charitable Fund

  • EST. 2001

Donors Robert and Ilse Zengler designated the income from this trust to benefit Pathway Caring for Children and Stark Community Foundation’s Community Charitable Fund.

Harold E. Ziegler Charitable Fund

  • EST. 2016

A longtime supporter of the Canton community and Catholic education, Harold E. Ziegler Jr. created this fund to support his numerous charitable interests.

Zoar Community Association Building Endowment Fund

Zoar Community Association Building Endowment Fund

  • EST. 2006

Founded in 1967, the Zoar Community Association has a mission to ensure the preservation of the historical characteristics and heritage of the Village of Zoar and the surrounding areas. The Association has created an organization Endowment Fund for the purpose of providing for the long-term preservation and maintenance of the village’s historic buildings. This fund includes the Zoar Town Hall Subfund.

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