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Joshua Thomas White Memorial Fund

Joshua Thomas White Memorial Fund

  • EST. 1998

This permanent endowment fund is in memory of Joshua Thomas White, son of John T. White and Larna White and brother of Rebecca. The fund is made up of a damages award arising out of Joshua’s death in March 1995 from a train/car collision. In recognition of a major contribution from this fund toward renovation costs for the YWCA’s main building in downtown Canton, the building was renamed the Joshua White Center for Families, housing a 38-unit shelter for homeless women and children and also a day care center.

Thomas R. and Elaine K. White Scholarship Fund

  • EST. 2005

Fred and A.J. Whittier Charitable Fund

  • EST. 2016

As part of their estate plans, Fred and A.J. Whittier created a designated fund to support a number of causes they care about with a focus on nonprofits that promote animal welfare and provide care for animals.

Wilderness Center, Inc. Endowment Trust Fund

Wilderness Center, Inc. Endowment Trust Fund

  • EST. 1983

The Wilderness Center transferred its endowment, begun in 1971, to Stark Community Foundation in 1983. The endowment has continued to grow through additional contributions by many donors who want to benefit the work of The Wilderness Center. Income from the trust is used for general operating support. This fund includes the Maintenance Subfund and the Ralph Regula Early Childhood Educator Subfund.

Wilderness Center - GAR Foundation Endowment Fund

  • EST. 1999

Wilderness Center Revolving Conservation Fund Trust

  • EST. 2002

The Wilderness Center established this fund to assist nonprofit organizations and government agencies in acquisition of lands that will benefit the public.

F. Stuart and B.J. Wilkins Charitable Advised Fund

  • EST. 2009

The Wilkinses were both born in Canton, and called it home. Stu passed away in 2011 but B.J. continues to recommend grants from the fund to such charitable, educational, and scientific organizations that they have supported over the years. Upon her death, recommendations will be made by Fund Advisors. The fund will eventually become part of the Foundation’s Community Charitable Fund and will continue to support designated organizations.

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