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Meet Our New Board Chair: Chuck Dix

Date posted: April 26, 2017

Meet Our New Board Chair: Chuck Dix

Take a moment to learn more about Stark Community Foundation's new Board Chair G. Charles "Chuck" Dix, II.

What’s it like working in the family business?
I’ve been fortunate enough to work for my family’s business, Dix Communications for my entire professional career. Dix is a family-owned, fifth generation business headquartered in Northeast Ohio that connects communities through publications, digital media and radio. Family businesses are rewarding and come with unique challenges. Many family businesses are closely held and involve parents and their children; at Dix, it’s mostly cousins with no majority shareholder. We attempt to build consensus to get a majority moving forward. We do our best to carry out the culture of those that came before us: no work is beneath you, demonstrate your work ethic, enjoy serving your customers, and give the best quality product with the resources available.

Tell us a little bit about Full Spectrum Marketing. How has this digital agency grown and expanded?
Full Spectrum Marketing is Dix’s full service agency offering a full suite of digital marketing options such as website design, search engine optimization, social media and reputation management and targeted online advertising. Josh Gordon and Mike Salvi are our leaders in the agency, both of whom have extensive marketing backgrounds and enjoy working with businesses to help them achieve their goals. Mike has brainstorming training and experience working for the Eureka! Ranch in Cincinnati, which provides a niche for us and a great way to discover the needs of a business. Josh has a solid digital background and general marketing experience. They love what they do and enjoy helping others. We help businesses in Stark County and all the surrounding counties.

As the newly-appointed chair of Stark Community Foundation’s Board, what are your future plans and hopes for the Foundation?
The Board has had strong leadership and Mark Samolczyk and his team have a very solid long-term plan. Our job as a Board is to offer general guidance, help tie the organization to the community and make sure Mark and his team have the tools they need—then get out of the way and let them do what they do well. The Board will continue to help carry out what has become a strong track record: meeting the needs of the community and investing longer-term to provide future opportunities (jobs, economic growth) for all; make the Foundation accessible and friendly (you don’t have to be wealthy to benefit your community through SCF); and provide strong financial results, which attracts donors and grows the resources to give back to the community.

In addition to serving as Board Chair, your family has a charitable fund at the Foundation. Why do you feel it’s important to give back?
All of us have been helped by someone or many along the way. It behooves us to continue the chain of kindness and experience the joy that only helping others can bring. It seems like the joy is not in the “amount" but in the act of giving. Bridgette (our VP of advancement) can help anyone find a way to participate in our effort and feel positive about helping others.

What are some things you like to do for fun?
I enjoy all outdoor activities, tennis and golf (sometimes), building projects, working with others and spending time with my family (three children and a lovely wife).

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