Coleman Professional Services Partners with Stark Community Foundation

The Coleman Foundation, established in 1988 as the Kevin Coleman Foundation, recently established collaborative working arrangements with Stark Community Foundation and two other community foundations in its service area to manage and develop the assets of its restricted and unrestricted endowments. The community foundations will work to increase the endowments in order to serve more individuals and families in need.

Stark Community Foundation received $541,934 from several Coleman endowments. Those endowments provide funds for suicide prevention, indigent healthcare, and other vital supports.

Nelson Burns, CEO of Coleman Professional Services and Coleman Foundation treasurer, said “We are delighted to begin a new relationship with this effective and committed philanthropic organization. We look forward to working together to increase this endowment so we can better serve those with severe and persistent mental illness and addictions, regardless of their ability to pay. Stark Community Foundation has the financial management and fundraising skills we need to take our endowments to a new level.

I would like to commend Jeff Fowler, President of the Kevin Coleman Foundation Board of Trustees, and the members of the ad hoc committee he chaired for their insightful work in selecting the three community foundations and in planning for the future growth of our valued assets. As an organization, we are committed to becoming an even more important voice and source for fostering recovery, building independence, and changing destinies in each of the communities we serve.”

Bridgette Neisel, Vice President of Advancement for Stark Community Foundation said, “This new partnership will allow individuals, families and businesses in our community to support Coleman’s mission for years to come. We are honored that they have entrusted us to invest their dollars for long-term growth to ensure their services are offered in perpetuity.”

“As the need for philanthropic supports grows, it is important that these monies are managed in a fiscally responsible way,” said Jeff Fowler. “I feel confident that the community foundations chosen will do just that and work to increase the dollars in each fund to help serve the needs of our communities.”

As Coleman operates in eight Ohio counties, other community foundations in the areas Coleman serves were chosen to receive other endowments from the Coleman Foundation. Those selected are Portage Foundation and Akron Community Foundation.

Coleman Professional Services is a nationally recognized, not-for-profit provider of behavioral health and addiction recovery programs that improve the lives of individuals, families and businesses in Ohio. The company’s vision is to foster recovery by improving the ability to access its services without scheduling delays; to build independence by providing permanent housing for people with behavioral health challenges and to change destinies by assisting people with disabilities obtain employment, reducing their dependency on entitlements. The company relies on an Enterprise Business Model to diversify its funding. Its social enterprises and philanthropic efforts provide revenue to support the company’s award-winning clinical services.

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