Stark Community Foundation Celebrates Record-Setting Year

Thanks to the generosity and passion of Stark Community Foundation’s fund holders, 2015 was a record-setting year for the Foundation. The Foundation set a historic all-time high for fundraising, generating $17.6 million in new and planned gifts, $9.3 million of which was in outright gifts and $8.3 in planned gifts. In addition, Stark Community Foundation and its donors awarded $8.3 million in grants to nonprofits – the highest in its 53-year history.

“Not only did we receive more donations in 2015 than any year prior, but we also invested more money in the community in 2015 than in any other year,” said Mark J. Samolczyk, president of Stark Community Foundation. “These two historical milestones are true testaments to our donors and their giving spirit.”

In 2015, Stark Community Foundation and its family of donors supported nearly 600 nonprofits in Stark County and beyond. Over the course of the past year, charitable grants benefited a wide array of initiatives and organizations, ranging from food security and education to mental health and economic development.

“There is no greater evidence of community foundation success than breaking records in fundraising and grantmaking,” said 2016 Foundation Board Chairman E. Lang D’Atri. “The amount of money that was secured in 2015 speaks volumes to the trust in which individuals, families, businesses and nonprofits have in Stark Community Foundation. In addition, the millions of dollars that went back out sends a strong message to the community that our family of donors is committed to supporting and strengthening the community so many of us call home.”

To date, Stark Community Foundation has granted more than $136 million to nonprofit organizations. The Foundation’s assets total $215 million, and are held in more than 650 funds created by generous donors.

“For more than 50 years, the Foundation has connected people to the charitable causes that are important to them and inspire them most. We take great pride in assisting donors by managing their charitable gifts and helping them achieve their philanthropic goals,” added Samolczyk. “Our success in 2015 is because of their collective support and commitment to strengthening Stark County. We appreciate the generosity of those who partnered with us to reach these historical milestones; we couldn’t have achieved them without you.”

About Stark Community Foundation
Stark Community Foundation is the community’s trusted partner in giving to more than 650 individuals, families, businesses and communities that have created funds to impact the lives of others through the most effective philanthropy possible. Serving the community for more than 50 years, Stark Community Foundation ranks in the top ten percent of community foundations in the United States and has granted $136 million to nonprofit organizations.

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