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SummerTime Kids is a grant initiative of Stark Community Foundation. Guided by a volunteer committee and Foundation staff, it provides grants up to $2,000 to imaginative and unique summer programs with an emphasis on character and education. These types of programs not only enrich the lives of the youth who participate, but also benefit the community as a whole.

New in 2015: Along with the Foundation's recent food security efforts, the Foundation is particularly interested in programs that aid in the reduction of food insecurity involving Stark County's youth. In Stark County, 23.8% of children are considered food insecure. Please refer to http://www.starkcf.org/grants-and-scholarships/future-of-food to learn more about this research.

Summer is just around the corner!

Deadline: 03/06/2020
Decision Month: May

Please Note:

SummerTime Kids will accept multiple applications from the same organization only if the program is serving a different population of children. (Updated 2.24.14)


Contact us online or call
330 454 3426

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Hammer & Nails

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