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The Future of Food Security in Stark County

Food Security

Since 2013, Stark Community Foundation has been leading an effort to fight food insecurity in Stark County. After receiving a high volume of grant requests focused on hunger relief, the Foundation commissioned a study to gain a deeper understanding of the hunger issues facing individuals and families in our community. Released publicly in 2015, The Future of Food Security in Stark County: County Assessment and Strategic Framework for Change examined hunger issues as well as identified resources and opportunities in order to feed those in Stark County. The comprehensive research study created a framework for addressing food security that mixes food access, community education, economic development and emergency services.

You can read a summary of the report or you can read the full report. Please note the embedded tutorial feature starting on page 4 and at the beginning of each chapter. The report reveals that 15.3% of Stark County's population (57,730 people) and 23.8% of children (20,650) are considered "food insecure," meaning they lack regular access to enough food for an active healthy life.

Given the high population of food insecure people in Stark County, the Foundation made a commitment to provide planning and implementation grants to organizations that are finding long-term solutions to hunger. To maximize our impact, we partnered with The Paul & Carol David Foundation and Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton to invest more than $500,000 to date in local organizations that are finding long-term solutions to hunger.

One-year planning grants are awarded up to a maximum of $15,000 per project. Implementation grants are awarded over a one-to-three year time period with a maximum award of $100,000 per project.

First Round of Funding (August 2015)

Second Round of Funding (September 2016)

Third Round of Funding (August 2017)

Fourth Round of Funding (August 2018)

Fifth Round of Funding (August 2019)

2019 Funding Opportunity

Deadline to Apply: June 28, 2019
Decision Notification: August 2019
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