Eligibility Requirements

  • Only neighborhood associations from Alliance, Canton and Massillon are eligible to apply at this time.
  • Neighborhood associations can apply through a fiscal agent. Eligible applicants must be a tax-exempt private agency, 501(c)(3) organization (that is recognized as a public charity) or government entity.
  • Projects must directly impact residents living in Stark County
  • Projects are encouraged to include at least one of the healthy neighborhoods concepts in the healthy neighborhoods framework:
    • Image and Identity
    • Physical Conditions
    • Involvement and Investment
    • Market

Grant Amount

Up to $3,500. Please note requests may be considered up to $3,500 with $500 specifically for marketing efforts. 

Important Dates

Application Deadline: January 31, 2024
Award Date: April 2024

Grant applicants will be notified by mail of the Board’s decision.

How would a Neighborhood Association qualify to apply for a grant?

  • Neighborhoods must be recognized as a neighborhood association through this program.
  • Neighborhood leaders must have graduated from Neighborhood Leadership Training (NLT) and live in the applying neighborhood association’s boundaries.
  • Neighborhoods must participate in the Healthy Neighborhoods Summits.
  • Grants are for resident-led Neighborhood Associations operating with elected officers. At least one member must attend the grant workshop.
  • Grant dollars not used during the grant cycle will not be carried over. Unspent funds must be returned to Stark Community Foundation by the final report deadline. Neighborhood Associations are welcome to reapply in the next grant cycle.
  • Funds cannot be used for projects that primarily benefit a church.
  • Funds cannot pay for staff.
  • Charitable dollars may not be used toward prizes.
  • Projects must fit in the Healthy Neighborhoods Framework.
  • Landscaping projects must be permanent improvements to the area.
  • Neighborhood Associations using a fiscal sponsor must complete the Fiscal Sponsor Agreement (located within the application) and submit a copy of the Fiscal Sponsor’s IRS Determination Letter.
  • Supplies/Equipment/Tool Projects may address blight/slum conditions (i.e. overgrown, unmaintained property as identified and agreed upon by neighborhood residents), with permission, on property that is unmaintained due to inability of property owner to maintain (i.e. disabled, elderly or disadvantaged property owner). A “tool” project must be accessible to neighborhood residents and be controlled and maintained by the neighborhood association. Projects involving equipment/tools must be planned in coordination with the association’s ability to complete the projects.
  • Neighborhood Association leaders must be available to discuss the grant application with Foundation staff and grant review committee, and answer any questions concerning the project, if deemed necessary. This meeting may take place at Stark Community Foundation or in your neighborhood.

Application Instructions

Only online applications will be accepted. Apply online through Stark Community Foundation’s Grant Portal.

Evaluation Report

Organizations receiving grant funding from the Stark County Neighborhood Partnership Program are required to complete an evaluative report at the end of the grant period, which includes a written narrative on the impact of the grant and financial details of how the grant funds were spent. Failure to submit a final report will impact the organization's ability to secure future funding from Stark Community Foundation.


Contact Grants Administrator Dana S. Johnson at 234-458-2915 or

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