As your philanthropic partner, we are here to help.

You know your clients. We know our region's needs and nonprofits. Together, we can help your clients maximize their giving impact here in Stark County, as well as across the country.

Stark Community Foundation has worked closely with tax, legal and financial experts for more than 60 years to identify the best solutions to fulfill their clients’ financial and charitable goals.

Professional advisors have referred their clients to Stark Community Foundation to establish a charitable fund for many reasons. For some, it is the simplicity and convenience a charitable fund can provide or our staff’s in-depth understanding of our region’s needs and opportunities. While for others, it is about helping their clients create a personal legacy or teach their children and grandchildren about the importance of giving back to their community.

A Partner That Enhances Your Practice

We all benefit from the strongest possible relationship between you and your client. We never look to eclipse your role — we want to enhance it. Stark Community Foundation can work entirely in the background, or take a more forward role in guiding conversations.

Uniquely Serving Your Clients

We work closely with professional advisors to help you identify the best ways to meet your clients’ financial goals as well as accomplish their charitable giving objectives. As your clients are considering how to make an impact, we want to work alongside you to lead family discussions around giving goals, supporting their passions and developing strategic giving plans.

Flexible Giving Solutions

Stark Community Foundation offers different charitable funds that can fit your client’s needs and interests. Each allows your clients to remain involved in grantmaking as much or as little as they want to be. Their legacy, passion and pattern of charitable giving can continue impacting our community in perpetuity and making a difference forever.

Clients who already have a private foundation may find there are several benefits in converting it to a fund at Stark Community Foundation and avoiding some of the hassles (and costs) of private foundation management.

Tax Benefits of Charitable Giving

At Stark Community Foundation, we work with you to offer opportunities to meet your clients' charitable goals in a tax-wise way. Your clients have the freedom to give outright gifts and receive maximum tax benefits, all while helping the community now and forever. There are many ways to create and add to a charitable fund at Stark Community Foundation. The Foundation accepts a wide variety of gifts —from simple to complex.

What advisors are saying

Kuchmanerryan circle3

“Working with Stark Community Foundation to accomplish the charitable goals of our clients has been a first-class experience. The quality of SCF’s staff combined with their knowledge, availability of resources and willingness to collaborate has made a huge impact on the community and with our clients.”

Ryan A. Kuchmaner, Attorney and Partner, Black McCuskey Souers & Arbaugh, LPA

“In working with clients who want to leave a lasting and meaningful legacy, I encourage them to establish a donor advised fund with the Stark Community Foundation. By offering a streamlined set-up process, direct community impact, and flexibility in carrying out the wishes of donors, SCF is a convenient and economical way to plan gifts that support our passions, both now and beyond our lifetimes.”

– Jennifer Lile, Attorney, Krugliak, Wilkins, Griffith & Dougherty, Co., LPA

Laymanbrian circle

"Stark Community Foundation is a fantastic resource for me and our clients to provide input on the current needs within the community and to help clients accomplish their philanthropic goals."

– Brian C. Layman, JD, CPA, M.Tax, Principal, Layman Law Group

Trust and Estate Planning Partners

Special thanks to the following professional advisors who partner with Stark Community Foundation to help fulfill their clients' philanthropic goals.

Brian C. Layman, Esq., Chair
Richard D. Allison, CPA
Richard W. Arnold, Esq.
Clark E. Battista, Esq.
Lindsay Bowman, CWS
Dianne Blocker Braun, Esq.
Elizabeth A. Burick, Esq.
Christopher Burt, Esq.
Mark V. Casper, CPA
Sandra Watkins Cleaver, Esq.
Judge R.R. Denny Clunk
James Contini, II, Esq.
David J. Cornet
Kim Cowgill, CEPA
Richard E. Davis, II, Esq.
Robert F. Fay, CPA
Thomas V. Ferrero, Esq.
John C. Finnucan, CPA
Dennis J. Fox, Esq.
Robert I. Friedman, Esq.
Daniel R. Griffith, Esq.
Stephanie A. Haight, Esq.
Jeffrey A. Halm, Esq.
Fred J. Haupt, Esq.
Paul J. Helmuth, CPA
Brian Hostettler, CFA
Marie Hull-Green
Chad A. Immel
John Julius
James P. Kamerer, Esq.
Ryan A. Kuchmaner, Esq.
David L. Kuntzman, CLU
Christina Laskovski, JD
Jennifer Lile, Esq.
Mary Jo Lockshin, Esq.
Ronald J. Manse, CPA
Thomas P. Moushey, Esq.
Michael A. Ogline, Esq.
Judge Dixie N. Park
John M. Prelac, Esq.
Roger D. Proper, Jr., Esq.
Tim Rice
Homer R. Richards, Esq.
David M. Roberts
Scott P. Sandrock, Esq.
Sam O. Simmerman, Esq.
David J. Simmons, Esq.
Sean R. Smith, Esq.
James D. Snively, Esq.
Sue A. Sokolowski, Esq.
Kathleen Allmon Stoneman, Esq.
Robert M. Sweeney, Esq.
Jennifer Thomas, Esq.
Charles J. Tyburski, Esq.
Angela T. Vagotis, Esq.
Scott T. Warburton, CPA/PFS
John R. Werren, Esq.
Scott F. Whetstone, CPA, MT
William G. Williams, Esq.
Joseph Wojcik, CPA
Darrell W. Wright, CFP, ChFC

Advisor Toolkit

Visit our Advisor Toolkit to access a growing library of charitable giving resources for professional advisors.

Donor Advised Fund vs. Private Foundation

Donor Advised Fund vs. Private Foundation

Sample Donor Advised Fund Agreement

Sample Donor Advised Fund Agreement

To learn more about how Stark Community Foundation can help you assist your charitable clients, contact  Bridgette Neisel, vice president of advancement, at or 330-454-7992.

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