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Manage Your Fund

As a fundholder, you can manage your fund. Through a variety of fund management services, you can easily support your favorite organizations, add to your fund and measure the impact of your giving.

Access Your Fund

You can access your fund anytime from anywhere through our Donor Portal. Through our Donor Portal, you can easily recommend grants to causes you care about, schedule grants, view your quarterly statements, review your grant history, make a gift to your fund and more.

Support Your Favorite Organizations

Support your favorite organizations and causes by recommending grants from your fund. Our giving experts provide timely due diligence and prompt grant processing. Your grant can be sent in your fund's name or you can choose to remain anonymous – the choice is yours. Visit our Donor Portal to make a grant today from your fund.

Measure Your Impact

Measure the impact of your grantmaking by requiring your recipient organization to provide a progress update on how your philanthropy is making a difference. Through a Donor Grantee Evaluative Report, your recipient will illustrate how the money was spent, progress achieved, key outcomes and project value.

Our staff can also coordinate a site visit to the recipient organization as a way for you to see the impact your investment is having first-hand.

Invite Organizations to Apply for Grants From Your Fund

You can invite organizations to apply for grants specifically from your charitable fund. Tailored to your grantmaking focus, our staff can help you develop a custom grant application that encourages organizations to tell you about a specific project that you may be interested in supporting.

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