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Grow Your Company's Charitable Impact

We help businesses of all sizes discover how they can effectively and efficiently grow their charitable impact in the communities in which they do business. With a Corporate Donor Advised Fund, we can help you create a giving program that reflects your company's values and engages your employees. Through our Partnership for Corporate Giving, you'll network with other companies to learn, share and grow in your giving. 

Corporate Donor Advised Fund

A Corporate Donor Advised Fund through Stark Community Foundation provides a simple and efficient way for businesses of all sizes to streamline their corporate giving and give back to communities where they do business.

With a Corporate Donor Advised Fund, your business can:

  • enhance your charitable image
  • maximize tax advantages
  • engage your employees
  • align your corporate giving with your business plan
  • maintain a positive impression with customers

Partnership for Corporate Giving

Twice a year, a group of local companies gather to learn more about potential funding opportunities, network and collaborate to maximize their philanthropic impact in the community. During these gatherings, companies will:

  • connect with local companies
  • hear from area organizations about current community needs and projects
  • learn about potential funding opportunities
  • exchange ideas for collaboration including pool their resources to achieve meaningful change

If you are interested in learning more about our personalized corporate services, contact Bridgette L. Neisel, vice president of advancement, at 330-454-7992 or

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