A charitable fund is a personalized and meaningful way to support your favorite causes today, tomorrow and forever. Think of a charitable fund like a combined checking, savings and investment account — set aside specifically for charitable purposes.

How a Charitable Fund Works


You make a gift to establish your charitable fund and receive an immediate tax deduction.


Your charitable fund is invested as part of Stark Community Foundation’s nearly $400 million diversified investment portfolio.


You grant to the causes you care about most through your charitable fund.

Types of charitable funds

Stark Community Foundation offers a variety of fund types to meet your unique charitable goals, personal passions and tax planning needs. A charitable fund can be established in less than five minutes with a simple fund agreement and a gift of as little as $10,000, with the exception of Scholarship Funds, which require a minimum gift of $25,000. There are no start-up costs and you can use a wide variety of assets to establish the fund.

If you're unsure of which charitable fund is the right fit for you, our team can help you determine the best option.

Donor Advised Funds

You take a personal approach to your giving by making grants to multiple 501(c)(3) organizations (including schools, churches and government entities) in Ohio and across the country when the time is right for you. It's an alternative to a private foundation and our most popular fund.

Here's how it works: You let us know which organization you want to support, for what purpose and for how much — and we take care of the rest. It's easy.

Designated Funds

You ensure your favorite nonprofits receive your ongoing, reliable support every year.

Here's how it works: You choose one or several organizations to support, decide what percentage you want each to receive and then the grants are made quarterly or annually to the charities — without any extra effort. It's simple.

Organization Endowment Funds

You create a constant, predictable stream of income to offset operations, fund new programs and services and support other mission-related activities for your nonprofit organization.

Here's how it works: Your organization receives grants from your endowment fund on a recurring schedule or as needed, while the remaining balance of your fund continues to grow in perpetuity. It’s strategic.

Field of Interest Funds

You support the evolving needs of a variety of nonprofits focused on your broad area of interest such as the arts, education, healthcare or a specific geographic area.

Here's how it works: You identify your personal interest area when establishing your fund, and our board awards grants to nonprofits and programs that are making a difference in the area you select. Or, you can choose to create an advisory committee to decide which projects should be funded within your focus area. It’s purposeful.

Community Charitable Funds

You address our community’s most pressing needs—including future needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time your fund is established— by relying on Stark Community Foundation to evaluate and determine which programs and organizations to support.

Here's how it works: You make a gift and our board recommends how your funds are distributed to area organizations to make the greatest impact. It's efficient.

Scholarship Funds

You help deserving students achieve their educational dreams by providing scholarships to offset the cost of an advanced education.

Here's how it works: You determine the scholarship purpose and eligibility criteria students must meet to receive your scholarship—and we handle the administrative process in its entirety. Everything from accepting and reviewing applications to selecting students and processing scholarship awards, we take care of it all. Depending on the level of involvement you want, you can even be part of the selection committee that determines the scholarship winners. It's personal.

If you're ready to establish your charitable fund, you can complete this short form, or contact Bridgette L. Neisel, vice president of advancement, at bneisel@starkcf.org or 330-454-7992.

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