Your Fund, Your Way.

Streamline your charitable giving and support your favorite causes when the time is right for you.

We know how complicated charitable giving can be. You mail a monthly check to your alma mater. You make an online credit card donation to your local library. You contact your financial advisor to transfer stock to your place of worship. You make generous donations regularly, but it can be difficult keeping track of the organizations you support and multiple tax receipts throughout the year.

A convenient and easy way to streamline your giving is with a Donor Advised Fund at Stark Community Foundation. Think of it as your own joint checking, savings and investment account—specifically for charitable giving. You decide which nonprofits to support from your fund when the time is right for you, and we take care of the rest. Plus, when tax season comes, you only have one receipt. 

benefits of a donor advised fund

    Easily manage your charitable giving from one convenient account.

    Let us know which nonprofits you want to support and we’ll take care of the rest. We handle all administrative details and due diligence.
    Donate nearly any asset and receive a tax deduction in the year the gift was made, without immediately having to choose which causes to support. 
    Your fund is invested for long-term growth, allowing you to give more as your fund grows tax-free.
    Your fund is endowed, meaning your fund will continue to grow and grants in your name will have a lasting impact in the community forever.

    Name your fund in honor of your family, a loved one or remain anonymous— it’s your choice. You can also pass your fund down to future generations.


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Establish your personal Donor Advised Fund with a minimum gift of $10,000 and receive an immediate tax deduction. You can name your fund in honor of your family, a loved one or choose to remain anonymous—the choice is yours. 


Your Donor Advised Fund is invested as part of Stark Community Foundation’s more than $415 million diversified investment portfolio. Your hard-earned dollars are strategically invested to provide for long-term growth, allowing you to give more as your fund grows tax-free. 


When you’re ready to support your favorite charities, simply let us know what organization you want to support, for what purpose and for how much – and we will take care of the rest. In a matter of days, the organization receives a check and a letter explaining whom the gift is from and for what purpose it should be used.

Consider a Donor Advised Fund if you want to… 

    manage all of your giving from one convenient account

    give to multiple organizations and programs throughout the year 

    simplify your record keeping 

    engage your children or family in philanthropy 

    enjoy favorable tax benefits

    Comparison of giving options

    with Stark Community Foundation

    with a commercial provider

    No Startup Costs

    Easy Setup


    Minimum Contribution



    $5M Recommended

    Highest Charitable Tax Deduction


    Personalized Service


    Local Community Knowledge


    Network with Other Donors


    No Annual Payout Requirement


    5% Minimum

    More Information »

    More Information »

    To learn more, contact Bridgette L. Neisel, Vice President of Advancement at 330-454-7992 or

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    Establish a Fund Online »

    At Stark Community Foundation, we aim to make giving as simple and easy as possible. Establish your own charitable fund online today.

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