The gift that keeps on giving.

Guarantee your organization's future with a stable, predictable stream of income.

We understand that securing reliable financial support and managing your organization’s investments may be time-consuming, complex and constantly getting pushed down your to-do list. When you partner with Stark Community Foundation to establish an Organization Endowment Fund, we’ll take care of growing your investments and handle all the administrative details, so you can spend more time focusing on your mission. Working together, we can strengthen your financial sustainability and meet your operational and program needs now and in the future.

Stark Community Foundation manages 950 endowment funds, 250 of which have been established by different nonprofit organizations in our community. These funds are professionally managed and strategically invested as part of the Foundation’s more than $380 million diversified investment portfolio.

Benefits of an Organization Endowment Fund

With an Organization Endowment Fund, the initial gift is invested over time, while a percentage of the fund’s balance is granted back to the organization annually to support its mission. When organizations partner with Stark Community Foundation to establish Organization Endowment Funds, we take care of growing their investments and handling all the administrative details, so organizations can spend more time focusing on their missions.

Your organization will enjoy these benefits of an Organization Endowment Fund:

  • Long-term financial security

  • Prudent investment management

  • Flexible giving options
  • Maximum return with minimal risk

  • Planned giving resources

  • Administrative support

How it Works



You establish an Organization Endowment Fund in your organization’s name with a simple fund agreement and a minimum gift of $10,000. You and your supporters can add to your fund at any time.



Your Organization Endowment Fund is professionally managed and strategically invested as part of Stark Community Foundation’s more than $380 million diversified investment portfolio.



Your organization easily receives grants from your Organization Endowment Fund on a recurring schedule or as needed, while the remaining balance of your fund continues to grow in perpetuity.

An Organization Endowment Fund is a pool of money that is invested to produce a stable, predictable stream of income each year to support a charitable cause. Each year, nonprofits with Organization Endowment Funds receive a distribution of income from their fund, which provides another source of funding for the charitable work of their organization. Organizations may choose to forgo the distribution in any year to allow for more endowment growth. Gifts can also be made to an Organization Endowment Fund at any time. Over time, with gains in market performance and additions to the fund, the balance of the fund and annual distribution will increase.



What others are saying

Join organizations like ArtsinStarkMassillon MuseumPlain Local Schools, Trinity United Church of Christ and many more and establish your own Organization Endowment Fund.

"ArtsinStark’s Endowment is our backbone. The financial flexibility it provides means we can fund a significant portion of our operations, which then gives us greater freedom to ensure arts are part of a healthy and vibrant Stark County community."

David Whitehill
President and CEO, ArtsinStark 


"Establishing an Endowment Fund developed a new mindset within our organization; sustainability of the Museum’s financial position became a focus of discussion within our leadership. Our building Endowment Fund has afforded us opportunities to dream big with the security of knowing we have resources available to support our long-term goals."

Alexandra Nicholis Coon
Executive Director, Massillon Museum


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