New Funds Added to Our Family Tree - Spring 2024

Posted on March 25, 2024

19 charitable funds were established through Stark Community Foundation from October 1 through December 31, 2023. 

Subfunds (2)

Amsterdam Area Foundation
Established by the Amsterdam Area Foundation in 2023, this endowment fund’s purpose is to provide an income stream to address the ongoing needs and opportunities in the Amsterdam area. A caring community member with a desire to uplift his hometown provided the seed money to establish this fund.


Beech Creek Botanical Garden and Nature Preserve Endowment Fund
Established by Beech Creek Botanical Garden & Nature Preserve, this endowment fund generates a consistent income stream to preserve its education programs, exhibits and land for future generations. The fund’s initial seed money was provided by the Six for 60: Endowment Fund Challenge, a community voting challenge in celebration of Stark Community Foundation’s 60th anniversary, where Beech Creek was the winner of the Environment & Animal Welfare category.


Garrett and Megan Brown Charitable Fund
Garrett and Megan Brown created a charitable fund to contribute to local causes that are important to their family and address community needs. Their fund will eventually be passed down to their children – Audrey, Margo and Marshall – to continue their family’s tradition of giving back.

Steven J. and Lori J. Burger Charitable Fund
Steve and Lori created a charitable fund to support the meaningful work of area nonprofits and involve their family in creating a stronger community. Their fund will eventually be passed down to their daughters, Cassidy and Abigail, to uphold their family’s commitment to making a positive impact.


Shawn Coon Memorial Fund
The Shawn Coon Memorial Fund was established in 2023 by Shawn’s family as a lasting tribute to his life and the impact he had on Louisville and the surrounding communities. Shawn, a St. Thomas Aquinas High School and Ohio University graduate, is remembered for his infectious smile, charismatic personality, adventurous spirit and unwavering dedication to his family, friends and coworkers. By supporting the causes he cared about, the fund aims to honor his legacy and continue his positive influence, which family members will carry on for generations to come.


Eastern Ohio Extension Camps Endowment Fund
With a foresighted approach, Eastern Ohio Extension Camps established an endowment fund in 2023 to provide long-term sustainability and continuous support for Camp Piedmont. This perpetual funding source ensures area youth at 4-H Camp Piedmont can always benefit from its personal and environmental educational opportunities and social interaction in a natural setting.

Albert W. and Edith V. Flowers Foundation
Originally established as a private foundation in 1968, the Albert W. and Edith V. Flowers Foundation supports charitable causes benefitting the Stark County community. Albert Flowers, former owner and president of Flowers Welding & Machine Co. in Canton, and his wife, Edith, were actively involved in supporting local initiatives. Edith passed away in 1972, followed by Albert in 1974.

Joseph and Cathy Gerzina Charitable Fund
Joseph, a longtime bank executive, and Cathy, a registered nurse, established a charitable fund to support their giving interests in Stark County, with a special focus on Catholic education. Their fund will eventually be passed down to their children, Kathleen and Andrew, to continue supporting causes that are important to their family.

William E. Kalkreuth Charitable Fund
Local clinical counselor and psychometrist William Kalkreuth created a charitable fund to give back to nonprofits he cares about in Stark County and beyond. After his passing, his fund will provide ongoing support to Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank, Salvation Army Canton Corps, Stark County Humane Society and the USO.

Klimo Donor Advised Fund
Jackson Township residents Carole and Gerald Klimo created a charitable fund focused on supporting organizations close to their hearts. With a strong focus on family and helping others, the couple's fund will be passed down to their daughters, Kasey and Kelly, to continue their family’s philanthropic legacy.

Robert W. Krause Charitable Foundation 


Legacy of Honor Endowment Fund
This endowment fund provides a steady stream of income to help Legacy of Honor serve active military, veterans, first responders and their families now and for generations to come. A generous gift from Karin Riggs in loving memory of her husband and Legacy of Honor co-founder Ross Riggs jump-started this fund.

Tony Peterson Charitable Fund


Dr. Tricia and Andrew Pugh-Pennell Family Foundation
Red Star Veterinary Clinic Founder and Veterinarian Dr. Tricia Pugh and her husband, Andrew Pennell, created a family foundation to provide support for causes throughout the region that align with their interests and passions. Their fund will eventually be passed down to their son, Hudson, to continue their family’s legacy of compassion and care for both animals and people.

Marilyn E. Riehl Charitable Fund
Marilyn E. Riehl, an alumna of Hoover High School and the University of Akron who dedicated her life to advocating for people and animals, passed away in 2022. With a bequest from her estate, this fund was created to perpetuate Marilyn’s legacy by responding to our community’s most pressing needs for future generations.

Mary Ellen Riehm Charitable Fund
As part of Mary Ellen Riehm’s estate plans, she created this charitable fund to provide housing and shelter for Stark County residents in need.


Simmons Family Charitable Fund 
Partner of 415 Group, Natalie Simmons, and her husband, Nathan, created a charitable fund to support a wide variety of causes that are important to them. Their fund will eventually be passed down to their children – Brandon, Christian and Allyson – to carry on their family’s legacy of helping others.

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