Six for 60 Endowment Fund Challenge Winners

Posted on October 03, 2023

In celebration of Stark Community Foundation’s 60th anniversary, we held the Six for 60: Endowment Fund Challenge—a unique challenge where community members voted to select six nonprofits to receive $10,000 in seed money to establish an Organization Endowment Fund at Stark Community Foundation. 101 nonprofits from all corners of Stark County participated, and more than 80,000 votes were cast to decide the winning organization in each category. Meet the six winners:



(LOUISVILLE) Located in Bauman Alley, Umbrella Alley is a unique art attraction in downtown Louisville designed to revitalize and rejuvenate the old downtown.

"This endowment offers opportunities we never dreamed of. The endowment creates the unique opportunity to guarantee donations can grow over time. We are thankful for this opportunity and will do everything to maximize its potential." — Rick Guiley, Umbrella Alley Committee Chair



(CANTON) Project REBUILD re-engages young adults to create pathways to academic, professional and leadership opportunities while providing them with the skills and support to set them up for lifelong success.

"Everyone at Project REBUILD is thrilled to receive generous assistance from Stark Community Foundation for establishing an endowment fund. This fund will be essential in our financial sustainability plans and in attracting new donors. The true legacy of all the support we receive in our community is the future success of our young people." — Patrick King, Project REBUILD Board Chair



(LOUISVILLE) The Louisville Public Library serves the community by providing resources and programming to stay connected and inspired. As a gathering place for the community, the library brings residents together by offering educational materials, technology and social programming.

"The library will be able to continue to grow the fund to be used for future projects and funding. Winning a competition like this shows the community’s support for their library and helps ensure long-term stable funding for library services." — Brock Hutchison, Louisville Public Library Director



(ALLIANCE) Residing on 181 acres, Beech Creek Botanical Garden & Nature Preserve educates, inspires and connects people with nature, which ultimately improves one’s physical and mental health and overall quality of life.

"This endowment is the seed for our goal of growing a 10-million-dollar endowment, which will ensure the preservation of our education programs, exhibits and land for future generations! We believe that this endowment fund will provide the Stark County community with awareness of how our organization is making an important positive impact." — Melinda Carmichael, Beech Creek Executive Director



(CANTON) Rhoda Wise Shrine promotes and preserves the legacy of Rhoda Wise, known for her spiritual experiences and connection, and operates Rhoda’s home that attracts thousands of visitors annually.

"This endowment from Stark Community Foundation will significantly help us preserve Servant of God Rhoda Wise’s home and legacy. It will allow us to better meet the growing needs of our operation as we welcome thousands of visitors to the Shrine each year and work toward the day when we may officially call Rhoda Wise a saint! We want to thank everyone who voted for us. This is an incredible gift and blessing." — Karen Sigler, Rhoda Wise Shrine President



(HARTVILLE) Hartville Migrant Ministry provides an environment in which migrant farmworkers have access to services that increase their quality of life.

"We're so grateful for this incredible opportunity. Migrant farmworkers are one of the most marginalized and vulnerable populations in the U.S., and this endowment will ensure our organization's ability to support this community for many years to come. Hartville Migrant Ministry is focused on building lasting community and creating sustainable change." — Stephen Dages, Hartville Migrant Ministry Director

Stark Community Foundation is grateful for the community's support of our Six for 60: Endowment Fund Challenge. Thank you to everyone who participated and voted!

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