Where to Find the Donor Portal Login on the New Website

Posted on June 07, 2022

Welcome to our new website!

We are excited about our new digital home and want to reassure you that how you manage your charitable fund through our Donor Portal remains unchanged. Although the design of login screen might look slightly different, your login information (username and password) remains the same.

There are a handful of ways to access the Donor Portal from our site:

1.   Using the link starkcf.org/donor-portal will automatically direct you to the Donor Portal.

Donor portalurl5

2.   At the bottom of every page on our site, there is a Donor Login button in the navy blue footer. (Most find this to be the easiest way)


3.   At the top of the site, click on the word Give. There, you'll see three different actions. Grant From My Fund is the third option and will take you directly to the Donor Portal. 


4.   In the Menu, select the For Donors section. Donor Login is one of the options on the righthand column. 


If you have additional questions about accessing the Donor Portal, reach out to donorservices@starkcf.org or call 330-454-3426.

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