12 Ways for Professional Advisors to Identify a Charitable Client

Posted on May 10, 2022


How to Identify a Charitable Client

As a professional advisor, you meet with current and prospective clients daily. During your discussions, here are 12 situations to listen for in which creating a charitable fund through Stark Community Foundation would be a meaningful option to consider.

  • Your client gives to more than one charity.
  • Your client is interested in creating a private foundation.
  • Your client is receiving a bonus at work.
  • Your client is passionate about a particular community need or nonprofit.
  • Your client wants to sell some closely-held stocks and highly-appreciated securities.
  • Your client is worried about the capital gains tax.
  • Your client is looking to create an estate plan and has no heirs.
  • Your client has included one or more charities in their will.
  • Your client is 70 ½ and has an IRA.
  • Your client is transferring or selling their family business.
  • Your client wants to leave a legacy in the community.
  • Your client wants to involve their children and grandchildren in philanthropy.

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