Straight from Stark Video Series: Episode 22 with Beyond the Game

Posted on May 28, 2021

The team at Beyond the Game understands how instrumental sports can be in equipping children with life-long skills at an early age, and they've crafted programming that develops both athletic skills and character. In this episode of our Straight from Stark video series, learn about the organization and its commitment to preparing youth for life after sports.

Founded and led by Devin Jordan, a former football player of The Ohio State University and current assistant coach at the University of Akron, Beyond the Game's mission is centered around enriching the lives of young people through his athletic platform and passion. These children gain the tools to grow into respectful, successful adults who will give back to their community and continue the mentoring cycle.

In this three-minute episode, learn about:

  • Programming like Guys with Ties, which teaches third-grade students how to properly give a handshake, how to tie a tie, the importance of first impressions, dining etiquette and other skills for success
  • Why the organization focuses on local youth here in Stark County
  • The involvement of businesses and corporate sponsors that make Beyond the Game's events, camps and initiatives possible

Learn more about Beyond the Game.

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